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学习填写的最佳实践 加州大学的应用程序.


Your academic record is the core of your application. It’s important to report all your UC-approved college preparatory coursework — whether taken at a high school or college — completely and accurately. 包括你已经注册的课程, 无论成绩如何, 可转移性, 或者是否会重复.


The honors box on the 加州大学的应用程序 form is used to designate a course for which an extra grade point is awarded for a letter grade of C or better. There are four different types of honors courses:

  • 大学先修课程(AP)
  • Designated International Baccalaureate (IB) courses
  • College courses (CL); applies only to UC-transferable college courses
  • UC-approved school-designated honors-level courses (HL)

If you attend a California public high school, see your high school’s 加州大学批准的课程列表 有关荣誉课程的更多信息. Only UC-approved courses that are listed as honors are eligible to receive an extra grade point.

Nonresident applicants should check the honors box (AP, IB, CL)为AP, IB and UC-transferable college courses as appropriate for all of the above.




If you are a domestic applicant and your school uses a non-letter grade system, you will need to take some additional steps in completing the application. 第一个, check with your high school counseling office to see if there is a conversion scale to the A-B-C-D-F letter grade system. If a conversion scale does not exist, do not attempt to translate your grades yourself. List the grades exactly as they appear on your transcript, and check the box that indicates your school uses a grading system other than A-B-C-D-F. Your application will be reviewed by a UC advisor who will translate these marks accordingly.



If any college/university-level courses were completed while in high school, add the college information after the high school information.

If UC-transferable courses were taken at a California community college (CCC), 将出现一个课程列表:

  • 选择所修课程, 获得等级(或输入IP为In Progress), PL for Planned courses) and the "a-g" subject area in which the course fits. UC-transferable courses taken at a CCC can be found on 协助.org under the “高中时修的大学课程” section.

If non-UC-transferable or non-CCC courses were taken while in high school, students must manually input course information:

  • Only non-UC-transferable courses in English and math can be reported in this section of the application.
  • If there are other CCC courses that are non-UC-transferable, report them in the ‘Non a-g Coursework’ area later in the application.
  • If college/university courses were not taken at a CCC, enter each course and grade earned as it appears on the official academic record from the college/university attended.

Any gaps in your educational chronology should be explained in the Additional Information section of the 加州大学的应用程序; only a brief description of what you were doing during these breaks in your education is necessary. 推荐信和其他材料

请 do not include letters of recommendation, 奖状副本, transcripts or samples of your academic or creative work with your application. 他们不会被审查或退还给你.


在选择过程中, 赌博排行前十网站 conducts a comprehensive review of every freshman application to ensure each applicant is assessed thoroughly and fairly.

我们评估每个应用程序使用 13个标准 加州大学所有校区都遵守的. 我们考虑的因素范围很广, from traditional academics to extracurricular achievement and response to life challenges, but we're looking beyond the numbers to find out who you really are!