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How freshman applicants should report international records

International students should use their international academic record to report ALL international coursework as  it appears on their 官方 records. Please have un官方 transcripts with you to use in filling out the UC application. 作为新生入学的考虑, you must complete secondary/upper secondary school—earning superior marks in academic subjects—和 receive a certificate of completion that grants you direct-entry access to university-level studies in your country.

了解如何申请 有国际记录的转校生.

所有申请人被认为使用相同的 入学要求,并包含在同一文件中 选择过程. If you have attended both international 和 United States high schools, both your international 和 United States courses 和 grades will be considered. You may also be required to demonstrate English proficiency. 参观 考试和签证 浏览更多信息.


If you are admitted to 赌博排行前十网站 you will be required to verify the academic information you listed on your application with your 官方 学习成绩. We will require you to submit 学习成绩 from all institutions attended, 从九年级开始.

Academic records must include all subjects 和 final course or examination marks (if applicable). College 和 university records must also include numbers of hours per week devoted to lecture 和 laboratory. Secondary school records must show graduation at a level acceptable for university entrance. We are familiar with 学习成绩 from various countries. 欢迎你来 contact our international admission specialists to discuss your records.

An academic record is only considered 官方 when it is issued 和 sent by the issuing institution or examination authority. Records that are unsealed, opened, or sent by students are generally not considered 官方. 在大多数情况下, records sealed or attested by notaries or organizations other than the issuing institution are not considered 官方.

Because it may take some time for schools outside the United States to forward your records to us, you are encouraged to have legible photocopies of your international 学习成绩 available. During our evaluation of your application, we may need to review these photocopies. 请准备好应我方要求寄出.

Admission Information for Specific Countries 和 Educational Systems

The information in this section is intended to supplement 入学要求 for 新生转移,而不是取代它们.

  • 13年学制: If pre-university education is 13 years long in your country, you must complete all 13 years before entering 赌博排行前十网站. You must graduate from secondary school in your country earning a certificate of completion that enables you to attend a university in your country. Admission to 赌博排行前十网站 is not offered prior to completion of the 13th year.
  • 英国制度与新加坡: You must complete at least 5 (I)GCSE/GCSE/GCE O-Levels, 和 at least 3 GCE A-Levels to be considered for admission. as - level也会被考虑. A- level的字母等级, B or C will be considered for transfer credit toward your bachelor's degree. The exact credit amount will be determined after you have been formally admitted 和 provide your 官方 certificate.
  • 印度和巴基斯坦: You must complete your st和ard XII years of education 和 sit for 10th 和 12th year board/state examinations.
  • 国际学校: Your international school must have an appropriate level of recognition in the educational system it follows. You must also be earning a certificate of completion that will allow you to enter a university in that educational system. If your international school follows a United States curriculum, your school must have United States accreditation 和 you must graduate with a United States high school diploma or an equivalent credential.
  • 国际文凭(IB): If you are completing your IB diploma or taking some IB courses, make sure to report your IB status in your application. There are instructions in the application for reporting IB coursework 和 examinations.
  • 马来西亚: You must complete your SPM 和 STPM or A Levels to be considered for admission.
  • 斯里兰卡: You must complete 斯里兰卡n GCE O 和 A-Levels. You may also complete O 和 A-Levels through a Joint Qualifications Authority affiliated Examination Authority.
  • 新西兰: You must complete year 13 和 earn at least 42 credits at NCEA Level 3. You should report your NCEA Levels 1-3 results in the International External Exams section on the application (Step 6 of 7 under Test Scores).