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Why would anyone choose to pursue an individual major? With over 100 undergraduate majors available, most students find at least one program that accommodates their academic interests 和 career goals. But if you have a specific topical or interdisciplinary interest, you may discover that you can best meet your own needs by combining courses from different disciplines 和 creating your own program of study.


我们的 College of Letters 和 ScienceCollege of Biological Sciences have specific guidelines in place for students wishing to pursue individual majors. You will work closely with an individual adviser or an advising committee to define your educational 和 professional objectives, including a statement of why your goals cannot be met by an existing major.

个人专业 Requirements

Individual majors require lower-division preparatory work relevant to the program’s goals 和 45-54 units of upper-division coursework. To ensure you can make 和 meet realistic goals for your major, it’s important to begin consultation with potential faculty advisers as soon as possible after deciding to pursue an individual major.