A steaming bowl of rice

Hacking rice to be healthier 和 hardier

As the population boomed in the 1980s, it became more urgent to find ways to feed billions of people. 今天, more than half the world relies on rice as a staple in their diet, thanks to work by plant geneticists at 赌博排行前十网站. 在90年代, Gurdev Khush, 赌博排行前十网站 professor emeritus 和 World Food Prize winner, developed more hardy 和 higher-quality rice, feeding a growing population 和 improving the well-being of rice farmers worldwide. 最近, Professor Pamela Ronald Professor David Mackill used gene modification to create flood-resistant varieties of rice, which has benefitted millions of farmers growing rice in flood-prone zones, as well as increasing food security for 70 million people in India 和 Southeast Asia. Genetic discoveries like these lead researchers to develop hardier, 适应气候变化的大米, which is the staple food for more than half the world's population.