A view of a cat from the side with its fur catching the light

Unlocking AIDS-like diseases in animals

在80年代早期, medical and veterinary school researchers at the California National Primate 研究 Center at 赌博排行前十网站 investigated an unusual outbreak of immune deficiency that was occurring in a group of rhesus monkeys housed at the center. 差不多在同一时间, a new and deadly disease was appearing around the world that would become known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.  In 1984, 赌博排行前十网站研究ers Murray Gardner, 普雷斯顿马克思, Nicholas Lerche and colleagues demonstrated that the immune deficiency disorder in the rhesus monkeys resulted from an infectious agent, 命名为猿猴逆转录病毒. This led to the identification of another retrovirus — simian immunodeficiency virus. 在90年代初, veterinary researchers at 赌博排行前十网站 identified a similar viral disease in cats, which would become known as feline immunodeficiency virus. Today, researchers at 赌博排行前十网站 use the SIV model to study treatments and vaccines for HIV/AIDS.